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Caring for Creation


Help remove plastic waste from the earth and raise money for our God's

Garden project!

COLLECT old toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, floss containers, mouthwash bottles and caps, and empty deodorant sticks.

COLLECT plastic cereal bags and cereal box liners found inside cereal boxes.

COLLECT healthy snack plastic pouches and caps. 

COLLECT foil- lined snack bar wrappers.

COLLECT hair care, skin care, and cosmetic packaging.

These item can be placed in the labeled bins in the Day School hall.

Collected items are mailed (free shipping) to TerraCycle in New Jersey in 

exchange for cash to support our God's Garden project. The items are

up-cycled into other usable items, and we get money. It's a win-win! 

Pearl Homes


Our daily habits and decisions make a difference. Whether you have installed a rain garden or rain barrel, made a pledge to “scoop the poop” or switched to a reusable water bottle and reusable grocery bags, you are helping to bring our waterways back to life, and we would like to recognize your efforts.


Virginia Beach residents can become an official Lynnhaven River NOW Pearl Home.


Learn more and apply.

Creation Care — Eco Living Tips

* Reduce what you buy. Reuse when possible. Recycle the rest.

* Remember to take reusable shopping bags to the grocery store or mall

Try reusable produce bags (or go bagless)

* Buy  bulk foods and fill reusable snack bags instead of ziplock baggies

* Choose cloth napkins over disposable paper

Oyster Gardening

 Volunteer to steward your own batch of baby oysters. Cages are shaken once weekly to prevent oysters from growing into the cage. Divided once in November...and monitored for crabs and sea squirts... the oysters are returned to Lynnhaven River Now sometime in June to be added to oyster reef replenishment  sanctuaries  to assist with the filtering of our shared watershed.

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