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The Vestry is a twelve-member board elected by the parish, and is responsible for electing the rector and cooperating with him in promoting spiritual welfare, maintaining the church property, and performing such other duties as may be required for the benefit of the parish.  

Members are elected for a three-year term, with staggered terms so that four new persons are elected each year.

All Saints' Virginia Beach Vestry Members, 2024
2024 Wardens

Sarah Hall, Sr. Warden

Class of 2025

Sarah has served on vestry for two years and has worked as a leader in many other capacities at All Saints’, including chairing the Scholarship Committee. Her guidance and direction as Sr. Warden will continue to build on the energetic work of Bruce Husselbee, former Sr. Warden, as she brings her own set of gifts to the role.  


C.J. Howell, People’s Warden

Class of 2026

C.J. has served a number of terms on vestry in the past, and has acted previously as both Sr. and Jr. Warden. Her wise, humble, and compassionate demeanor will help us to continue developing the role of People’s Warden, continuing the task Janis Sanchez, former People’s Warden, skillfully began last year. 

2024 Vestry Members

John Demosthenes, Treasurer

Susan O'Connell, Parish Register


John Harris, Communications Commission

Class of 2024


Jan Kibler, Formation Commission

Class of 2024


Janis Sanchez, Day School Commission

Class of 2024


Rebecca Nielsen, Outreach Commission

Class of 2025


Pete Tempest, Buildings and Grounds Commission

Class of 2025


Laurie Green, Parish Life Commission

Class of 2026


Rick Joy, Finance and Stewardship Commission

Class of 2026

Are you Interested in serving, or know someone who would make a great vestry member? All confirmed members of the parish who are sixteen years of age or over and are regular participants in the religious life of the church are eligible to vote for and be elected to the Vestry.  Contact our Senior Warden, Sarah Hall, or our Rector, Mother Ashley Urquidi for more information!  

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