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Here at All Saints’, we are SIMPLY EXCITED.


There is phenomenal energy and buzz flowing around our parish right now, and as we gear up for what the rest of 2022 and 2023 will look like, we want to keep it going! As we’ve done vision and identity work in recent weeks and over the past year, two threads that have emerged are simplicity and excitement. Simplicity in the sense that less is often more, and we have a desire to strive for excellence in a few things over averageness in a lot of things. And excitement in the sense that, well, we are just all excited about what the future will bring!


How can you be Simply Excited with us?

To be blunt, this Fall you can consider pledging from your household budget, to help fill out our parish budget. There is no required amount of giving, no “VIP passes” offered to the people who pledge the most, only the opportunity to invest in the future of our parish and all we have to offer. Remember that what you give is entirely up to you, and should be significant enough to you that it means something. Unlike paying a utility or Netflix bill, supporting All Saints’ impacts not only your life, but an entire community of lives– and every little bit means something.


As much as we need dollars and cents to keep the parish open and engaged in ministry, we also need people. Without your presence, active engagement, and the sharing of your passions, a church with a million dollars in the bank is worth nothing. 

What can you get involved in?

Whether you’re brand new to the parish or have been here for decades, there is no limit to what you can do! Below are some (but not all) ministries you can be involved in, or talk to Mother Ashley and she’ll be happy to help plug you in.

  • Parish Life

  • Communications/Media

  • Worship (reader, Eucharistic Minister, greeter, usher, choir)

  • Day School

  • Buildings and Grounds

  • Formation

  • Children and/or Youth Ministry

  • Stewardship





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