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Here at All Saints’, we are GROWING IN GRACE!

The energy and lively spirit around All Saints’ continues to grow, and we are seeing so many wonderful things happening. Our children and youth programs are expanding, we are engaging in regular formation, our music program is taking on exciting new directions, our outreach commission is exploring new ways to reach beyond our community, creation care continues to be at the forefront of guiding the wider world into new and deeper ways to love what God has given us, and this isn’t the end of the list.

Last year, we were Simply Excited and our efforts to be excited about the simple things have led us to new opportunities.

Now is the time to tend to our growth, and remember that we can only do so with God’s grace.

How can you Grow in Grace with us?

Tending to new growth often involves different ways of nurturing. To that end, we are inviting you into two different ways of pledging this year, and you can participate in one or both options!

1. Annual Pledge: This is vital to keeping the church running, and helps us build our budget, beginning with paying our amazing employees and handling the routine management of the church. 

2. Ministry Focus: This does not require you to enter a set amount of money, but allows you to sign up to be called upon when a financial need arises in one of our ministries.

Remember that what you give is entirely up to you, and should be significant enough to you that it means something. Unlike paying a utility or Netflix bill, supporting All Saints’ impacts not only your life, but an entire community of lives– and every little bit means something.


As much as we need dollars and cents to keep the parish open and engaged in ministry, we also need people. Without your presence, active engagement, and the sharing of your passions, a church with a million dollars in the bank is worth nothing. 

What can you get involved in?

Whether you’re brand new to the parish or have been here for decades, there is no limit to what you can do! Below are some (but not all) ministries you can be involved in, or talk to Mother Ashley and she’ll be happy to help plug you in.

  • Parish Life

  • Communications/Media

  • Worship (reader, Eucharistic Minister, greeter, usher, choir)

  • Day School

  • Buildings and Grounds

  • Formation

  • Children and/or Youth Ministry

  • Stewardship





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