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Worship Leadership

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry at All Saints’ Virginia Beach is all-encompassing.  It spans the ages from working with preschoolers in Vacation Bible School to the Children’s choir to senior citizens in the Adult Choir.  Music styles run the gamut as well from Gospel to Gregorian Chant. Mr. Colin Doherty serves as Organist/Choirmaster.  

The Sanctuary has great acoustics, making the choir and organ sound bigger than they are.  The organ is a Moeller with about 10 ranks of pipes.  It was installed in 1989.  Congregational singing is strong.  We usually sing four or five hymns each Sunday in addition to the service music which changes seasonally.

Adult Choir:  Adults who are called to this important ministry at All Saints', meet weekly each Wednesday evening for rehearsal at 7:30 p.m., in the Choir Room. Anthems are usually rehearsed for several weeks before singing in worship to allow maximum familiarity with the music. The Senior Choir is open to all adults, beginning with high school age. This group is all volunteer and welcomes new members at any time. The only requirement of choir membership is regular attendance at rehearsals and services. Those who desire to sing and who can make this commitment are encouraged to contact the Parish Office, or the Organist/Choir Director.


The ministry of a lay reader is to assist the parish priest in the conduct of public worship. This ministry is open to anyone who can read and possesses a good speaking voice.



Lay Eucharistic Ministers

After receiving instruction in the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Episcopal Church, including the use of The book of Common Prayer, candidates are licensed for three years by the bishop of the diocese of Southern Virginia to serve in this ministry at all Saints’ under the direction of the rector. At the Eucharist, lay readers read the Old Testament and Epistle lessons as well as lead the Prayers of the People.


A special license enables some to assist further by administering the chalice. Anyone who is interested in serving in this ministry is asked to contact the rector.


Arrive at 9:45 and offer welcome and door assistance to folks as they arrive for the 10 a.m. service.  

This is a great ministry for children and families to participate in.


Two ushers are normally required for each principal worship service. The ushers’ duties include greeting the parishioners as they enter the nave, presenting a bulletin for the service and, as necessary, escorting them to a seat. The ushers are also responsible for collecting and presenting the alms, assisting the congregation during communion, and straightening up the nave and narthex after each service. A more complete description of usher duties is provided to each new usher.

The only requirement for service is that the usher should be a regularly attending member of the congregation aged 16 years or older. New ushers are always first scheduled to serve with more seasoned ushers. Anyone wishing to become an usher should contact the church office.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a hard working, behind-the-scenes group whose function is the preparation of the altar and the liturgical instruments for each worship service, as well as for each special service throughout the year.

Additionally, the Altar Guild maintains supplies, decorates the church for holidays, and delivers altar flowers to persons designated by the clergy.

Normally working in teams of three, members of the Altar Guild can expect to serve for a two-week period, three or four times a year. Other members of the Altar Guild include a wedding coordinator, a flower coordinator, and linen mistresses who make, launder, and mend the altar linens. We are always looking for new members and new ideas. If you are interested, please contact the church office.




Acolytes keep the worship services running smoothly.  As an acolyte, you assist the worship leaders and the congregation in worship.  There are a few duties that are part of virtually every service and that are the same (or similar) every time, but as an acolyte you will occasionally be called upon to do things above and beyond that normal routine.  The important thing is that you learn to be flexible, so that you can be called upon at any time to do something that needs to be done.

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