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Thank you for supporting All  Saints'.

Almighty and gracious God, we pray for your blessing today. As we come to give you our tithes and offerings, we ask that you would bless us in return. Cause the windows of heaven to open and pour out showers of blessings as you promised. Bless our jobs and businesses with prosperity so that we may keep earning money to support not only our families but your kingdom’s work. O God, we know that you promised to bless us financially so that we can bless others, too. So fulfill your word in our lives today. Amen.

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Amazon Smile

Most of us purchase from Amazon on a regular basis' especially if we have Amazon Prime! We are reminding you to shop at in order to increase Amazon's cash donations for All Saints' Episcopal Church Day School. If you haven't registered our school through Amazon Smile, just click on this link and get going. This does not affect your Amazon Prime status, and we get .05% of what you spend on eligible items.


We'd love it if you ALWAYS begin your Amazon shopping by logging into Once All Saints' Episcopal Church Day School is your designated charity, it will always automatically pop up when you log in. You must use this designation exactly as it is printed here in bold as there are many All Saints' Day Schools across the nation.

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