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In 1966, the Department of Mission of the Diocese of Southern Virginia determined a need for a mission church in the Great Neck section of Virginia Beach. The Bishop called The Rev. Joseph W. Pinder to undertake this work.

Four acres of land were purchased at the intersection of Adam Keeling Road and Woodside Lane. The church site was originally a part of the Addington Farm, and in 1967 Mr. and Mrs. Addington gave an additional acre of adjacent land to the church.

Services were initially held in the John B. Dey Elementary School, starting on January 8, 1967. Meanwhile, construction began on the present church facility; on May 11, 1969, the first service was held in our present building. In 1972, All Saints’ was elevated to parish status by the Eightieth Council of the Diocese of Southern Virginia.

From April 1974 to December 1975, the Rev. James A. King served as the associate rector of All Saints’. In 1977, the Rev. Mr. Pinder retired, and in September of 1978, the Rev. Harlin Tillberg, a retired Navy Chaplain served as priest-in-charge until June of 1981.

From September 1978 thru June 1981, All Saints’ went through a period of self-evaluation which resulted in renovation of the present church structure and enclosure of an outdoor pavilion to serve as the parish hall (named Pinder Hall). Renovation of the church included the replacement of folding chairs with pews and the addition of carpeting and stained glass windows. Additionally, the search for a new rector was begun. In July of 1981, the Rev. Stanley W. Sawyer accepted the call to serve as rector of All Saints’. The Rev. Dr. J. Segar Gravatt joined All Saints’ in July of 1999 as Associate Rector.

From the original twenty-five members of All Saints’, the church has grown to over seven hundred members. In the spring of 1988, construction of a new church and renovations to the existing facilities were begun. The Christian education and office areas were finished in August, and on Christmas Eve of 1988 the first services were held in the new church.

In 1998, a new office suite, additional classrooms, a choir room, and new parking spaces were added. These additions greatly assist the ever-expanding programs and ministry here.

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