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Estate Planning

All Saints’ Virginia Beach Legacy Circle


The All Saints’ Virginia Beach Legacy Circle (ASVBLC) is an association of All Saints parishioners and supporters who have named All Saints’ Episcopal Church of Virginia Beach, Virginia as a beneficiary in their estate planning.


The primary purpose of ASVBLC is to promote testamentary giving to All Saints’. We are more likely to receive such gifts if we are intentional in asking. ASVBLC can be a fun way of going about this task and provides a way to acknowledge members while they are still alive.


To join ASVBLC, we ask prospective members to confirm only two items:

  1. The donor has an estate plan document (a will, a trust, etc.) or an insurance policy; and

  2. The donor has named All Saints’ Episcopal Church as a beneficiary in that document.        

Note: Members that sign up in 2024 will be acknowledged as Founding Members.


We also ask the donor to identify an appropriate contact person (an Executor named in a Will, or a Successor Trustee named in a trust document) upon the death of the donor. Throughout any given calendar year, ASVBLC will strive to do the following:


  • Host 2 gatherings per year, e.g. wine/cheese/finger food reception with a possible twenty minute presentation at each gathering. Presentation topics can vary but information on planned giving should be considered.

  • Attendees would be current members of the ASVBLC and invited guests – folks we hope will join the ASVBLC.

  • Finance/Stewardship Commission and current ASVBLC members take responsibility for coming up with the invitation list, sending invitations, follow up with phone calls to confirm attendance.

  • The Finance/Stewardship Commission will have the responsibility of planning the agenda for each gathering.

  • Finance/Stewardship Commission will develop printed materials that promote ASVBLC.

  • To become a member of ASVBLC, the donor will be asked to complete one document identifying the donor, confirming the 2 items outlined above, and identifying a contact person. We will not ask for a copy of a will, trust, insurance policy, or other testamentary document.

  • ASVBLC will have no minimum monetary requirements and no classes of gifts by monetary amount.

  • We will announce a founding class of members. We will obtain consent to publish names as members. As new members join, we will ask for permission to publish names. Anyone can join and elect not to have their names published.

  • Please use one of the links below to become a member of the All Saints' Virginia Beach Legacy Circle.







Excerpt from the All Saints’ Vestry Gift Acceptance Policy

  • All undesignated memorial gifts will be directed to the Endowment Fund;

  • The first $15,000 of any undesignated gift or sources of funds shall be directed to the operating fund; any residual amount shall be directed to the Endowment Fund;

  • Bequests (i.e., a gift by Will at death) shall be handled in a manner consistent with the Bequest Disposition Policy;

  • Designated gifts for designated purposes (i.e., gifts intended to fund a designated purpose or use, where the funds will not be used within one year after receipt) shall be directed to the Endowment Fund until needed for the intended purpose. The interest which accrues on those monies shall be considered a part of the designated gift.

  • Any gift designated to the Endowment Fund shall be considered a designated gift.

Notwithstanding these policies, for good cause, depending upon the facts and circumstances at the time, the Vestry may elect to allocate undesignated gifts in a different manner than provided in these policies; however, designated gifts, if accepted, must be applied as designated.

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